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How to Commission or Hire a Cartoonist

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Question 1: How do I commission a cartoonist or how do I hire a cartoon illustrator?

Answer 1: You can contact cartoonists directly and each cartoonist will have their own preferred method of contact. Most can be contacted via email, some prefer the telephone. You will find a selection of cartoonists on WACICO UK Cartoonists & WACICO International Cartoonists as well as via and you can Click here to commission a cartoonist. Alternatively you can try the following: There is a little known tool set up back in 1998 by a couple of Stanford Uni geeks called Larry & Sergey, you probably never heard of it though but here it is > Google. If you don’t find what you are looking for there another computer geek named Bill had this thing called Bing put in place not so long ago and you can find Cartoonists there. Still stuck? Try Yahoo. You can also see the related “Hire A Cartoonist” links

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Sub question 1: What will I need when contacting a cartoonist for hire?

Tip > How to prepare to contact a cartoonist (Opens on Our TV Worlds Site)

Sub answer 2: You will need to be able to explain what you require to the cartoonist. Write down what you have in mind and do so in a format you can email over to the artist. Explain what content you would like. What characters, the body positions. expressions and anything else that is relevant. Consider the background (if any) and explain what you picture the outcome to be, use links to other things and explain what it is in the link you would like to have represented similarly.

The better you can express the picture you have in mind into words for the cartoonist to interpret the easier it is for the cartoonist to produce a result that matches your expectations. If you need to show images that are Disney or Warner Bros etc in order to get your point across but are worried about the cartoonists reaction, don’t be worried as the cartoonist will have heard it before and can adapt anything you see into something that in no way infringes on any copyrights and things like that by producing original artwork. If you can draw a rough sketch and scan it to send as an attachment that can help to. Don’t go sending attachments to cartoonists until you have established contact though, as I know I don’t open anonymous attachments, I hope you don’t and cartoonists will likely not do so either.

If you have some colours you want used say so. Include things like Hex numbers for example. If you want a Teddy Bear to be bright pink with blue spots tell the cartoonist: I want a Pink Teddy Bear using the hex colour #FF1CAE as the base colour with blue spots using the hex colour #00B2EE as the base for the spots. I say base as you might want shading or highlighting, if so say so. All making sense?

You would then go on to explain that you wanted big spots or little spots and that you want 5 or 10 spots and that you want one spot over the left eye, things like that. Keep it simple be concise but get your picture that you have in mind across to the cartoonist. The more you can explain the better the result you will get & in a faster time. Conciseness in this regards can save a lot of time so if you do have an idea on colours to use please research them before contacting a cartoonist. For your convenience here is a handy list you can use of Hex Colours.

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Question 2 : How do I commission a cartoonist or how do I hire a cartoon illustrator to create a Double T Ted’s® cartoon strip to advertise my business, product, service and/or URL or to produce a cartoon or cartoon strip for myself, my family, friends or colleagues?

Answer 2: You can contact Double T Ted’s®. The cartoonist will be contacted by us at the Double T Ted’s® which is something you will also need to do once you have negotiated the creation of the cartoon strip with your chosen cartoon illustrator. Most can be contacted via email, some prefer the telephone. Click here to check out cartoonists on Double T Ted’s® . Presently the first 5 cartoonists on that list are officially able to provide Double T Ted’s® cartoons. Or Contact us

Question : How much will a cartoon cost? How much will a cartoon strip cost?

Answer : All prices for cartoons and cartoon strips depend on the amount of work involved and the intended use of the cartoon or cartoon strip. For Cartoonists to assess a price, they will need to know what cartoons or cartoon strips will be required and for what purpose the cartoons will be used.

As the client you will need to know exactly what you require from a cartoonist for them to be able to give you a quote. The more information you provide the cartoonist with regarding what is required for your cartoon or cartoon strip and what it will be used for the easier it will be for the cartoonist to make a correct quote.

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